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The 100 Miles a Month - 14 Day Challenge
Join Over 1,000 Students in the “100 Miles a Month 14 Day Challenge” and Improve Your Horse's Trust, Connection and Confidence in Just 14 Days! 
The “100 Miles a Month" 14 Day Challenge” is now open!
Improve your horse's confidence, relaxation and focus with this inspiring horsemanship challenge!
Why do so many horses struggle with a lack of CONFIDENCE?? 
Lots of people ride horses who are anxious & nervous.....
Are you tired of riding a horse who is anxious, spooky or nervous?
Did you ever wish that your horse was more focused on you - rather than everything else that is going on?  
Wish you could go on trail rides with NO DRAMA? 
Or do you have a new horse, or young horse you want to build trust & connection with?
Fed up of your horse not respecting your personal space on the ground?

Here's the thing... 

  • What if there was a PROVEN way to build trust & confidence with your horse?
  • What if the solution didn't EVEN involve any riding?
  • ​What if it was suitable for ALL horses - new, young and not so young!
  • What if you could say GOODBYE to anxiety & spooks forever?

There is one solution to this problem, that has worked for over 1,000 horse owners around the world. It's to walk your horse on foot for 100 miles.

Hi. I’m Steve Halfpenny
Steve Halfpenny is the renowned Australian horseman, clinician & #1 best-selling author. Steve has helped over 1,000 students online to build trust & connection with their horses, in the online '100 miles a month' challenge. 

But Steve, does this challenge really work?

Meet Lynette & Denise

What is included in this challenge, Steve?

Here is everything you will get when you join today...

  • 14 daily online practical lessons and challenges to complete with your horse. These will work for you no matter what age, breed or type of horse you have. This challenge contains only groundwork exercises
  • ​100 Miles a Month Challenge digital workbook
  • Online coaching including 14 days of personal coaching & support in the facebook group, with 3 months access to the group from the date you purchase this program.  You can ask any questions you have & submit videos of your progress for extra advice (optional), 
  • ​Advice & help when you need it, 7 days a week, with 3 months access to the facebook group included. 
  • ​Recordings of 2 BONUS Q&A calls with Steve Halfpenny
  • ​FREE ebook of Steve's Halfpenny 'Building Trust and Softness
  • FREE audio book of Steve's Halfpenny 'Building Trust and Softness
  • FREE episode 1 of the award-winning STEVE TV online show. 

Total Value $894

Price: $99 USD

Join the 100 Miles Challenge today!

The “100 Miles a Month - 14 Day Challenge” is now open!

Hey Steve, does it also work for anxious horses?

(yes it does!)

And we offer a 100% money back guarantee

10 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

If you’re not 100% satisfied with the program in the first 10 days, I will offer you a full refund. Make your payment today, and you don’t even have to decide if you’re in for good! Take the full 10 days to explore the materials and experience & try it out with your horse. 

Got Questions?
  • What date will this challenge start? This challenge starts now! This challenge is a 100% groundwork challenge. There is no riding requirement. 
  • I'm too busy right now! If you’re not ready to start right now, once you enroll you can watch all the lessons in the future. You can complete the challenge in your own time - on the days that suit you best. You can do each challenge in your own schedule. You also get to keep all the lessons after the challenge. So it doesn't matter if you miss some days (we all have busy lives), or don't start this challenge immediately.  But we recommend you start this challenge within 3 months of joining, so you can take part in our online community. You get 4 years access to the online lessons. You also get 3 months access to the coaching support in the Facebook group, from the date you join.
  • If I purchase now, can I watch the challenge videos later when I have more time? Yes. This is a self-paced challenge. While you will get one new lesson daily for 14 days, you can do these at your convenience. 
  • What currency is the price? The price is USD - American dollars. 
  • Who is this not for? This is not for foals. We recommend horses are at least 2 years of age. 
  • ​​Is there a guarantee? Yes. We offer a 'no questions asked'' 10 day money back guarantee. 
  • How many times can I watch these for? You have unlimited access for 4 years to the lessons. You can watch all the video lessons as many times as you wish, on all your internet devices.
  • Do I need a facebook account for this challenge? The challenge community will be based in facebook. So as the community is an important part of the challenge, I recommend you sign up for a facebook account, just for the duration of this challenge, in case you are not on facebook already. Most people are on facebook and they do have great community and group features.
  • How long are the daily videos? Each challenge video lesson is about 5-10 mins.
  • How long will it take to do the challenge each day? Depending on the day, it will take somewhere between 30 and 60 mins per day. 
  •  What level do I have to be at to do this challenge? This challenge is suitable for all levels. It contains daily groundwork exercises. There is no riding in this challenge. 
  •  Do I need my own horse to do this challenge? You would need access to a horse to complete the daily challenges. 
  •  Do I have to be able to ride my horse for this challenge? No. This is a groundwork only challenge. But when you complete this challenge, your horse will feel much more confident and relaxation when you ride. 

What can I expect  to improve during this challenge? Well, meet Nancy, Gina, Lara & Dolly 

And more stories from our 100 miles students!

"My horse's confidence has grown in just 14 days"

"I really enjoyed this challenge with Steve Halfpenny. It's helped me and my horses heaps .I thought it was just about walking the horse - but it's so much more. I learnt how to guide my horse through manoeuvres - forehand turns, hind turns, changing your horses side with ease, and the horse moving around you brilliantly. My horse now looking at me as the leader and their confidence has grown in 14 days. Thanks Steve "

"I liked the clear goals, and that I can do it at my own pace"

"I liked the clear goals and structure and that I can do it at my own pace and re watch the videos. I have found I have honed my goals and focused on what is important through the programme
I have a nokota mare and I live in Sweden. I started walking with my horse last year and am doing quite well. The challenge has clarified for me the importance of being aware of my horse feelings in time, and training me to be more able to help the both of us when things starts to happen. "

"I am enjoying my horse again!"

"Steve's programme is a clear and structured way to build confidence and horsemanship. My horse bolted when he saw a cow appear over a hedge. My world shrunk when I lost my confidence. The structure is clear, manageable and enjoyable, enabling me to become a better leader so we can progress again. I am enjoying my horse again and have already recommended the challenge to my friends. Thank you Steve"

Join the 100 Miles a Month Challenge Today

The “100 Miles a Month - 14 Day Challenge” is now open!
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